A More Useful Metric

I’m going to table the nature of psychic powers for now; defaulting to Steven’s take in Pulp Hero and Chapter 13 in D6 Adventure. What I have gleaned from the articles at the BRP forums has been interesting; however, not of use in this instance.

Perhaps a more useful metric would be the nature and number of beasties, which go bump in the night, Indy goes toe to toe with.

I’m lifting from the amazing Legendary Quest stuff.

Gargoyles – maybe

Vamps – no, no, hell no! Vamps maybe canon, but logic and reason have never slowed me before. Why start now?

Zombies – as the traditional minions of voodoo priests or priestesses.

Were-beasts – most cultures have a variation of were-something. I tried to run a game based on the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf.


Sign from God

I was going to record Indy 4 off the Syfy Channel, to maybe do a fan edit, but the electricity hiccuped just enough to stop the  recording.


Mystic Pulp

I may have to create a set of psychic rules from scratch – and that has always worked out so well. See the mysticism rules for Two Fisted Risus. Basing a system on historical or literary sources is a non-starter.

Start simply. A friend, who is a gourmand, always tells me ‘it easier to add a flavor to a sauce than take away a flavor from a sauce’.

Trimming back AD&D Psionics rules is less appealing, I have a copy of a BRP conversion of  those rules and have been looking them over hoping another system will help.

I have a few more PDFs to go through, however, they too are from fantasy, so I have the feeling they are just reworkings of D&D.

D&D is king for a reason.




The whole Indy/Cthulhu thing started while I was surfing CoC pages hunting for pulp stuff.


The mash up looked good on paper.


I guess Indy will be, at best, thwarting earth shattering powers rather than cosmos crushing Evil. I will probably keep some of the tone and temperament. More Night of the Demon than The Dunwich Horror.

Tons of good resources, and for game purposes should make the jump from the 20s to the 30s with scant tweaking.

I still have work to do on the sub-genres Treasure Hunting, Lost Worlds, and Weird Menace: Super Science.