GURPS – Places of Mystery

Browsed through a friend’s dust covered RPG library the other night during a watch party.

GURPS – Places of Mystery is well worth a look. An excellent primer on ancient places. As always I advise mooch first, or pick it up cheap.



Safari and Shalako

More inspirational viewing.


Safari – Victor Mature leads a hunting party that goes wrong – in Africa. Bonus, Terrence Young directed.


Shalako – OK horse opera. Sean Connery comes to the aid of a British hunting party gone wrong in the wild and wooly West.

The planned sexual chemistry between Connery and Brigit Bardot did not ignite. Honor Blackman has a minor role.





The whole Indy/Cthulhu thing started while I was surfing CoC pages hunting for pulp stuff.


The mash up looked good on paper.


I guess Indy will be, at best, thwarting earth shattering powers rather than cosmos crushing Evil. I will probably keep some of the tone and temperament. More Night of the Demon than The Dunwich Horror.

Tons of good resources, and for game purposes should make the jump from the 20s to the 30s with scant tweaking.

I still have work to do on the sub-genres Treasure Hunting, Lost Worlds, and Weird Menace: Super Science.