A More Useful Metric

I’m going to table the nature of psychic powers for now; defaulting to Steven’s take in Pulp Hero and Chapter 13 in D6 Adventure. What I have gleaned from the articles at the BRP forums has been interesting; however, not of use in this instance.

Perhaps a more useful metric would be the nature and number of beasties, which go bump in the night, Indy goes toe to toe with.

I’m lifting from the amazing Legendary Quest stuff.

Gargoyles – maybe

Vamps – no, no, hell no! Vamps maybe canon, but logic and reason have never slowed me before. Why start now?

Zombies – as the traditional minions of voodoo priests or priestesses.

Were-beasts – most cultures have a variation of were-something. I tried to run a game based on the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf.


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