Baroness Irina Skarbek

I’m reworking the Cate Blanchett character from Indy 4.

Cate Blanchett in a bob cut is worth saving.


Fake psychic

Dealer in black market relics, artifacts, charms, potions, etc….

No hand with guns, however, is demonic in the use of dagger, stiletto, and Saber.

The toast of Cafe Society on three continents.

Always Broke. Spends lavishly on extensive intelligence networks and a life style she can not afford; world class mooch and semi-professional social parasite.

Part of an ancient Romany secret society that breeds psychics. After the Russian Revolution her father thought his teenaged daughter’s powers could best serve Mother Russia. A few years later the KGB realizes that her Gift can not be weaponized as they would hope. The sent her to spy school and married her to a dim bulb Baron who serves as ambassador to various countries. Through all this her Romany godmother has been teaching her the ancient ways of her people.


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