Resolute, Adventurer & Genius

Plenty of free time on my hands now, time to do some world building.

Been reading Resolute, Adventurer & Genius. Simple and sweet.

The problem with Pulp games is, players. Once the novelty wears off they figure they aren’t ‘into’ Pulp any more and head back to the dungeon. Most dice chuckers prefer crunchier systems anyway. I sent the link to My Unnamed Friend, we ran a GURPS Cliffhangers ‘sidekick’ game set in the Raiders-verse, and he got a real charge out of it.

We spend some quality head banging time about the old days. All for naught.

He didn’t pony up any of the original material for the Ravenwood Project or the Excel file of the scenes we mapped out for the Original Trilogy campaign.

With nothing better to do, I’ll start from scratch.

I’ve started collecting links and viewing lists for both The Ravenwood Project and Diesel Punk Gothic.


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